IBB International has long national and international experience and to assists businesses and municipalities with growth and development. The company provides consulting in business development, strategy, marketing, conferences, EU issues and lobbying. We have broad experience in the energy, environment, subsea and maritime sectors.


The company is located in 24/ Bygget in Haugesund.

Bjørn Brunborg


Ingebjørg Sveen Brunborg, Managing Director - Partner


Ingebjørg has a business degree in international management and economics from the University of Reading in England. In addition to several management jobs in Norway, she has worked in Brussels for 12 years for Norwegian business, regions and R&D institutions where she has assisted in EU policy issues, EU directives, market access and lobbying. She has a wide and extensive network both in Norway and internationally. She is a very good organizer and interlocutor. Ingebjørg has several board positions.

Bjørn Brunborg, Senior Adviser – Partner


Bjørn started his career as an engineer in 1978 and later studied at the Norwegian School of Economics. He has good experience within business development, strategy, sales management, as well as sales and marketing. Bjørn has been CEO for foreign companies in Norway and Norwegian companies abroad. He has experience from engineering companies, production companies, finance and subsea. Bjørn has extensive knowledge and network in Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, Africa and Asia.






IBB International has broad experience in strategy and business planning for various industries. Our working method is based on confidential conversations with the client, necessary surveys, obtaining relevant information and conversations with relevant market players. The strategy memorandum we draw up should be an important additional document that provides the basis for better decisions. The company's expertise encompasses industries such as Subsea, Maritime, Electrical, Plumbing, Finance, Textile, Seafood and Renewable Energy


IBB International has been working with energy and environmental projects for 20 years. Several of the projects originate from the EU's energy and environmental agenda. Monitoring of case areas, communication with professionals and authorities as well as mapping of funding opportunities are some of the tasks the company performs. IBB International has fixed assignments for IFER and EnergiRike.




The company's expertise involves many years of work on several continents. Good contacts in various industries and long experience from Brussels have opened many doors and contributed to a wide network. We have arranged meetings and negotiations in Europe, the United States, China, Singapore and Korea, and arranged sales and marketing of various product areas. Our network includes business leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and diplomats.


IBB International has versatile business expertise with a focus on strategy and market. International experience and an extensive network are also important for board work. Both Managing Director and Chairman of IBB International undertake board assignments in small and medium-sized companies.


IBB International is represented on several company boards, both as a board member and as chairman.





The EnergiRike conference is the company's main reference. This national energy and industry conference bring together business leaders, organizations and politicians. The conference always has a minister as key speaker.  Our expertise and experience also include regional, national and international trade fairs such as ONS, OTC, OTD, UTC, SIPPE to name a few. IBB International undertakes assignments in planning and conducting your conference or attendance.


Management for Hire can be a good solution for both companies and organizations that do not want to start a comprehensive process of hiring key management employees.


IBB International can take on assignments at short notice and can refer to assignments where the company manages daily operations in a very good way both efficiently and economically.




Since 2015, IBB International has been responsible for the daily operation of EnergiRike and the annual EnergiRike conference in Haugesund. EnergiRike is a collaborative body for energy players, power-intensive industry, IT, R&D and municipalities. EnergiRike works to establish an understanding of the importance of energy access and energy use for value creation, climate change, renewable energy, innovation, employment and business development. Members of EnergiRike greatly influence Norway's energy, environment and industrial policy. Members include: Statnett, Equinor, Hydro, Gassco, Haugaland Kraft, Lyse, BKK, Atea and CGI. See all members at: IBB International is responsible for of EnergiRike, EnergiRike conference and EnergiRike Young.

The Energy conference has shown a very positive development with great recognition as an important national meeting place for energy players, power-intensive industry, innovation, IT players, business leaders and politicians.




In the EU Commission has approx. 2,800 employees and every day 1000 people visit the building in a work context.

We have been working for Norwegian players in Brussels since 1998 and have acquired a competence no other local companies possess. The work has been establishment of offices market research, meeting planning, dialogue and collaboration with the Norwegian delegation to the EU, the European Commission and other key players in Brussels. Excursions and meetings in Brussels have also been organized and performed for many clients.


The clients have been the private business, financial institutions, R&D companies and regional authorities. As an EEA member, it is important to have good knowledge of the topics that are discussed among the member states in Brussels in order to be able to influence and lobby. That is why many large companies and organizations are present in Brussels.


After Washington DC, Brussels is the city in the world with most embassies, consulates, organizations and lobby offices represented from all over the world. If you have international ambitions, goals and challenges, Brussels can be the right place to start. IBB International knows how to work smart with the world market with the first contact in Brussels as well as what doors to knock on in the EU capital.




Cleanzone AS has an agreement with IBB International that assists the company with strategy, marketing, exhibition planning and execution. The products are ozone equipment for different markets and applications. Cleanzone has a collaboration agreement with Choice Nordic Hotels, which uses ozone for cleaning the hotels. Cleanzone is growing rapidly and needs good collaborative partners with experience and expertise that can contribute to the company's growth and development.



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Bjørn Brunborg

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